Blue Silver Sparkle Set

Create this sparkling blue and silver set, perfect for the holidays. 




  • Jewelry Fundamentals Silver Chain Necklace and Bracelet Set (SUL50145  UPC 717968501455)
  • Jewelry Fundamentals Royal Elliptic Beads (SUL50060  UPC 717968500601)
  • Jewelry Fundamentals Silver Tranquil Spiral Beads (SUL50006  UPC 717968500069)
  • Jewelry Fundamentals Metal Beads – Antique Ornament Silver 12 in (SUL50010)
  • Jewelry Fundamentals Glass Beads – Round Faceted Rain Cloud 7 in(SUL51017  UPC 717968510174)
  • Jewelry Fundamentals Glass Beads – Oval Faceted Violet 7 in (SUL51018  UPC 717968510181)
  • Tigertail Stretch Cord 12″
  • Crimp beads (6)
  • Head pins (2)
  • Eye pins (2)
  • Ear wires (2)
  • Split Rings (2) 8mm
  • Pliers (Round nose and Needle nose)
  • Jewelry Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tape



  1. Cut 12 inches of stretch cord. Add tape to one end.
  2. Slide on desired amount of beads to fit wrist.
  3. Knot stretch cord snugly against beads. Add glue to knot.
  4. Slide knot onto bead.
  5. Trim excess cord.


  1. Cut 14 inch, 11 inch, and 9 inch section of tiger tail cord.
  2. Attach 14 inch segment to split ring and slide beads on, using photo as guide.
  3. Attach split ring to end of string of beads.
  4. Continue in same manner with other two strands.
  5. Separate the two necklaces into four 7 inch segments.
  6. Attach two segments of chain to each split ring.
  7. Attach toggle closure.


  1. Make two eye pin connector wrapped charms attaching to ear wires.
  2. Make two wrapped charms attaching to eye pins.