Day of the Dead Skull Mask

A cheerful Day of the Dead paper mache skull mask.




Project Instructions:


Designed by: Lori Butler

Skill level (1-5): 3

Time to complete:  45 minutes

Age range: 10+

Messy level (1-5): 3


  • Artminds Extra Fine Glitter Stacker: Crystal Diamond (#226118 UPC 40010025710)
  • Artminds Extra Fine Glitter Stacker: Amethyst (#226107 UPC 400100025611)
  • Artminds Glitter Liners: Blue/Lime/Pink (#226037 UPC 400100025017)
  • Artminds Glitter Liners: Gold/Silver/Copper (#226032 UPC 400100024973)
  • Paper mache skull mask
  • Ribbon – pink
  • Craft brush
  • Paper plate
  • Pencil
  • Marker – purple
  • Craft paint: white, orange, yellow, purple, green, pink
  • Craft glue
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors


  1. Paint skull mask white, let dry.
  2. Cover skull with craft glue, sprinkle with Crystal Diamond glitter, let dry.
  3. Draw heart on center of forehead, draw daisy on each side of heart.
  4. Draw flower shapes around eye openings as shown in photo.
  5. Paint heart pink, center of daisies purple, and petals yellow. Paint green teardrops over heart as shown.
  6. Paint one flower around eye with green petals.  Paint second flower orange.
  7. Paint yellow line around nose.
  8. Trace teeth with purple marker.
  9. Cover daisy centers with glue and Amethyst glitter, let dry.
  10. Outline daisy petals and nose with copper glitter liner, let dry.
  11. Outline heart and green flower around eye with pink glitter liner.
  12. Draw heart on chin with pink glitter liner, fill in, let dry.
  13. Outline orange flower, and pink heart on chin, with green glitter liner, let dry.
  14. Add accents to skull with green glitter liner as shown in photo.
  15. Glue ribbon to inside edges of mask as shown, using hot glue.