Gingerbread House




Project Instructions:

Designed by: Lori Butler

Skill level (1-5): 3

Time to complete:   2 hours

Age range: 12+

Messy level (1-5): 3


  • Artminds Glitter Stacker: Crystal Diamond, Chocolate Diamond, Ruby
  • Artminds Glitter Variety Pack
  • Artminds Gems
  • Artminds birdhouse
  • Creatology Felt Snowflake Shapes
  • Creatology Foam Shapes Marshmallows
  • Creatology chenille pipe cleaners
  • Styrofoam balls
  • Assorted striped ribbon, tinsel ribbon
  • Michael’s charger plate – gold
  • Craft brush
  • Craft glue


  1. Cover sides of house with glue and Artminds Chocolate Diamond Glitter, let dry.
  2. Make two small candy canes by wrapping striped ribbon around half of a white chenille stem, attach with glue, shape into cane.
  3. Make three larger candy canes by wrapping striped ribbon around one white chenille stem folded in half, attach with glue,shape into cane.
  4. Cover all candy canes with glue and sugar glitter, let dry.
  5. Glue two small candy canes around hole in birdhouse. Glue two larger candy canes to front.
  6. Make peppermints by flattening small styrofoam balls, cover with sugar glitter, then swirls of red glitter.
  7. Make gumdrops by shaping halves of small styrofoam balls into gumdrop shape, cover with different colors of glitter.
  8. Cover roof with “shingles” of glue, sprinkle with Diamond glitter.
  9. Glue alternating peppermints and gumdrops around bottom sides of house.  Glue one peppermint to front of house under hole.
  10. For snowman, cover two styrofoam balls in glue and Artminds Diamond glitter, glue together.
  11. Cover small piece of wooden dowel with orange glitter for snowman’s nose, attach to face.
  12. Attach Artminds gems for snowman’s eyes and mouth.
  13. Add twig arms and length of tinsel ribbon for scarf.
  14. For snowman’s hat, cover foam marshmallow and felt snowflake with Diamond Glitter, glue snowflake to bottom of marshmallow.
  15. Glue a length of striped ribbon around rim of hat, glue to top of snowman’s head.
  16. Cover rim of charger plate with glue and ruby glitter.