Sparkle Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings

This sparkling ensemble is simple yet elegant. 



  • 1 Jewelry Fundamentals Silver Chain Necklace and Bracelet Set (SUL50145  UPC 717968501455)
  • 1 Jewelry Fundamentals Decorative Beads (SUL53415  UPC 717968534156)
  • Head pins (2)
  • Ear wires (2)
  • Pliers (Roundnose and Needlenose)
  • Ruler



  1. Measure 3 1/16 inches of chain. Open chain link.
  2. Measure same length on other segment.
  3. Make a connector using a sphere and two wheel beads.
  4. Attach connector charm to bracelet.


  1. Open center of chain on necklace.
  2. Make a connector using an eye pin, three spheres and two wheel beads.
  3. Attach connector to open link, then close link.
  4. Open connector on opposite end, attach to other segment of chain.


  1. Slide a sphere bead on a head pin and make a wrapped loop.
  2. Attach to ear wire.