Valentine’s Robot Box

Use simple household items and craft supplies to create this awesome Robot box to hold Valentine’s cards!



  • Creatology Glitter Shakers  (SUL142920 UPC 400100848524)
  • Creatology Glitter Glue – Silver (SUL469847 UPC 400100979068)
  • Silver glitter scrapbook paper
  • Red craft paper
  • Silver buttons, assorted
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Silver craft paint
  • Wiggle eyes, 1.5 ” (2)
  • Styrofoam ball, 2″
  • Paper cup
  • Cardboard boxes (2), about 5×5 ” and 7×7 “
  • Toilet paper tubes (2)
  • Red sparkle pom-poms, .5 ” (2)
  • Red sparkle chenille stems (3)


  1. Cut styrofoam ball in half with scissors.
  2. Paint boxes, styrofoam sections, and paper tubes with silver  paint; let dry.
  3. In paper cup, mix 2 parts silver, 2 parts black, with 1 part lavender glitter.
  4. Cover smaller box with craft glue, sprinkle with glitter mix.
  5. Cover paper tubes and styrofoam sections with glue, sprinkle with silver glitter, let dry.
  6. Cut large slit in back of larger box for Valentines.
  7. Glue small box to top of larger box as shown.
  8. Glue wiggle eyes to robot face, glue chenille stem for mouth as shown.
  9. Cut 2 small holes in top of head.  Add glue to one end of 2 chenille stems, insert into holes for antennae.
  10. Glue pom-poms to top of antennae.  Glue styrofoam sections to side of head as shown.
  11. Cut red paper heart, glue to robot chest.  Outline with silver glitter glue.
  12. Cover silver buttons with glue and silver glitter, let dry.
  13. Glue strip of silver paper and silver buttons to front.